Leading the Infrastructure Revolution

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We help public sector infrastructure professionals, and their advisors, learn about innovative approaches to addressing infrastructure needs. We do this via video and conferences where we bring together influential public and private sector leaders to discuss innovative and upcoming projects. 

Much like the Industrial Revolution, we believe the Infrastructure Revolution could transform and improve society as we know it.  The private sector has a key role to play in addressing this infrastructure gap. At our annual summit, experts discuss how to address current infrastructure challenges through innovative approaches to financing, developing, operating, and maintaining infrastructure projects, using active and upcoming projects as a guide.

At our annual P3 Summit held on September 27th, we addressed infrastructure for Higher Education, Airports, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Water Infrastructure, and High-Speed Rail.

P3 Summit was an excellent opportunity to hear from people who are actually doing deals and who shared practical approaches to getting infrastructure built with innovative financing and delivery methods. It was refreshing to hear from those who know what it takes to make P3 projects work in the real world.
— Dan Richard, Chair, California High Speed Rail Authority